Quality is highly valued at taxi company Rotterdam

At Etaxicentrale in Rotterdam we think it is important that you arrive safely and comfortable at your destination. We oporate with a fixed group of 500 cars in Rotterdam and surroundings. This way there is always a taxi close by. All our qualified drivers have luxury cars which are no more than a few years old. Every day all cars are cleaned thoroughly. In addition, our drivers know the city and, in addition to the fastest routes, they also know the best restaurants, hotels and sights in Rotterdam. Furthermore, all cars are equipped with WiFi and besides, you can choose the music which you want to listen.

Good communication at Etaxicentrale

When you order a taxi, we estimate the time it takes to get at your door. Besides, we use a tracking system so that you exactly know how far the taxi is away from you. This way you don’t have to wait in the cold for example. Do you also want to be picked up again? Simple. Call or send a WhatsApp message to the driver who brought you too. Especially when you are in a noicy environment, like a restaurant or a club, it is nice that it is possible to order a taxi by a message. Are you visiting someone and don’t you know the exact address? Then you can share your location through WhatsApp with the driver of Etaxicentrale Rotterdam.

Hotelservice in Rotterdam

It happens often that a customer wants to be dropped off by a hotel, but when arriving it seems that the hotel is overbooked. Are you the owner of a hotel in Rotterdam and the surrounding area and can we bring customers to your hotel? Then we would like to hear from you. We bring customers to your hotel for free in exchange for you calling Etaxicentrale when your guests need a taxi. A win-win situation where your guest also take advantage of. Contact us then, so that we can check what we can do for each other.

Are you looking for a good taxi company in Rotterdam?

You’re at the right place at Etaxicentrale. Our experienced drivers brings you to your destination safely. Contact us now to order a taxi at Etaxicentrale Rotterdam.

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